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Author Topic: My firsts and my Best  (Read 1693 times)

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My firsts and my Best
« on: May 02, 2007, 11:37:20 AM »
My firsts came with welcome hands. I remember wanting sooooo bad to find an old coin, but that didnt happen for a while!! Thinking of one of my firsts; "The mercury dime" WOW...is all i thought. Man is this thing old!!! 3in. deep next to a sidewalk that led to my friends front door. You could'nt get that smile off my face for nothin'. "I WAS BITTEN"   
"The barber quarter" I was hunting an abandoned house site that was due to be torn down. I had already checked the better part of the yard with little success and was getting ready to leave, when I decided to make a pass along the sidewalk next to this big tree. Getting a signal on the slope about 4.5in. deep, I pulled out this coin that I had never found before! Later to find that it was a rarer variety. Another one of those SMILES!!
"The walking liberty half" This coin was my first big silver. At another friends house out by the curb, I get this signal that sounds like an unstable overload, but it was consistent. At 5in. deep I see this silver coin in the hole and my heart is going THUMP THUMP THUMP, pulling it out I see this Beautiful Eagle with wings arched up in the air. I turn the coin over and carefully wipe the dirt off to expose this Walking Liberty 1943....THUMP THUMP THUMP!!!
Every first coin is very special, and believe it or not the seconds and thirds aren't any worse!

As for my best find..... that would be very simple!!!!  My first detector.
It got me hooked enough to bring me right back when I got older and had the time for it!!
It has given me new friends that I would have never met otherwise.
All I found with that thing was newer clad and stuff just below the surface, but it got my imagination
going and let me dream about that deep old stuff that maybe....maybe someday I would find. And I would
have this SMILE, this Smile that you could not wipe off for nothin'!!!!!!
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