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Author Topic: Crazy high and crazy low settings on the F70.  (Read 1417 times)

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Crazy high and crazy low settings on the F70.
« on: March 20, 2014, 07:52:34 PM »
Ok,  a long vid about couple hunts and different settings I am experimenting with.
Since the T2 and the F75 are such a close match to the F70, (all built on the same basic architecture base, with a few different features on each and slightly different programming) what I do here should work just the same on those units.

The beginning of the vid below is hunting on real low settings.
In disc, Sense on 30, Thresh -3, Notch always at 1, De Speed, 4h Tones, but DP tones work well along with all the others I would expect.
At this low level it makes this thing super quiet and laser like in the way it looks at targets an a trash filled area.
Even with this large coil it almost seems like the size shrinks down to the size of a sniper using these settings, and I am very curious to see how precise using an actual sniper coil with these same settings can be.
Maybe I will be able to read the mint mark off the coins I find while they are still buried in the dirt.
It can pluck out the goodies among the garbage if you listen for a good tone and watch the screen for stable, solid numbers.
Maybe less depth this way, but I have dug a few coins at the 6" mark at these settings, and it could go further than that I believe.
I found that merk in one of my other recent posts in  100 year old Loose Park I was told it was hunted to death, in the very busy Wornell Rd. entrance that was a total trash pit and found it easily with settings like this.

I got great at quickly getting solid 2 jump numbers on my F2 on good targets and some trash that acts that way, but it is a little jumpier and not as easy to do that with the F70 because of the huge amount of power...but I am getting better on every hunt.
I am returning back to my F2 days and starting to dig nothing but signals that don't jump more than 2 or 3 in the numbers.
I dug a few jumpy ones in this vid just to show you they are trash, but even though some trash can come in very solid EVERY good target I have ever found with a Fisher has also...if I maneuver that coil around the right way and the right direction.
I might have made some mistakes and past some good targets, it might sound like there was some good tones I bypassed, but looking at the screen I saw numbers I just didn't want to dig this day on some of those good tones and on others some jumpy behavior that quickly indicated they were false or I was swinging over trash so I didn't stop and examine them better.
I could have been wrong on a few but I don't believe so.
My volume has dropped by a good bit so far this year because I am messing around so much with each signal but that is how I learn and my speed will get better as I gain more confidence and practice...plus I don't feel like digging every blasted signal I come across on every hunt.
I hit sites over and over so I will dig any of the better ones I might have missed another day.

The next part of the vid is the exact opposite...Super Duper settings that only crazy people would even attempt especially in areas of high EMI.

The first area I hunted this way was actually unusually quiet...not much EMI at all being smack dab in the middle of a huge park, the last section was more normal and much noisier and what I have come across at most of the sites I tried hunting this way.

When I am hunting wide open areas and want to go deep and don't have those real low settings like I was using when hunting in trash I usually have the disc set at 4 or below, DE speed, Sense from 80-99 and the Thresh could be anywhere from -1 to 9 but I keep it as high as I can on the thresh to one setting below the constant noise drives me crazy.

I discovered using my check program one day, AT, SL, 99 Sense and 9 on the thresh, unbelievably noisy settings in areas with lots of signals and compounded by a ton of extra jumping in areas of EMI, that I was actually able to pick out good targets in all that noise...the severe jumping stopped when the coil ran over a good target every time.
Still practicing, there are so many signals in the tones and the numbers jump and pass by so fast that even when moving the coil slow it can be information overload, but the more I do this the better I am getting and you can see I did call most trash targets as trash and most good targets as good in this vid.

A couple of other reasons I am hunting this way.
The more I get used to picking out targets while listening to a shear almost solid wall of noise the better I will be in areas with much less noise.
When you can make the worst conditions feel normal, hunting in normal, better and quieter conditions should be a breeze by comparison.

Also depth.
I have hunted at that same 99 sense and 9 Thresh with little or no disc in the woods and a few other places using 1, 1f, and 2f which sounds similar to when I hunt in AT, I seem to go pretty deep too, but the rumor is using AT IS the deepest way you can get using this thing, but I have way more experimentation and hunting to do to find out.
I already hit and pretty clearly ID'd a target at 14" deep in disc so how freaking deep do I really have to go to find good targets, anyway?

So here is my vid... use this link and go to Youtube and watch it there and you can switch to full screen and 1080p and see what is going on with my screen through most of it pretty well.
Reset it back to the beginning, it seems to start a minute in sometimes for some reason.
This file was so big I think Youtube had trouble processing it.

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